Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

If you activate any section of the booking system on, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions offered by this section. Please be careful when booking and review all terms and conditions before activating.

Activation of the search for available cars on means that the User has read all the terms and conditions of the reservation and confirms his/her final agreement with all the clauses of this Agreement and is ready to sign it. Only if you agree to all the following rules of the User Agreement, you will be allowed to use the services of this Website. Read the agreement carefully, because any use of the materials and services of this Website implies compliance with the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to the rules set out in the user agreement, you will be denied the right to use this website.

We reserve the right to make changes to this agreement should the need arise. Changes will be made without prior notice, so you should review the updated version of the agreement yourself each time you access the site.

Terms used in this Agreement.

The terms "we", "us", "our" and "AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD." refer to "AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD.". The terms "You", "You", "Your" and "User" refer to all visitors to this Website and persons making reservations through sites owned by AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. The term "Service Provider" refers to any third party providing car rental services in accordance with the terms and conditions of the booking.


All information that the User leaves while on is subject to a confidentiality clause.

Receipt and use of personal information

In order to use the services of "AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD.", you will need to provide personal information when making an application. The requested information includes your first name, last name and additional data required for booking. In some cases, an e-mail address and telephone number may also be required.

This data is used for more convenient customer service on the website of "AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD.", as well as to notify customers about new services, discounts and promotions.

Disclosure of personal information

AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. uses personal information received from customers only for internal use and excludes their transfer to other persons and organizations.

Only the occurrence of one of the above situations is an exception:

conclusion of a written agreement between the User and AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. on disclosure of confidential information to other persons;

a legal or governmental requirement;

violation of the user agreement by the user.

Terms of use for

All information on, its software and site infrastructure are the property of AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. The copyright attributes of other companies (logos, trademarks, names, etc.) displayed on are the property of their owners and are protected accordingly. All information from is provided for personal, non-commercial use only. It may be used for commercial purposes only with the written permission of AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD.

By visiting, the user undertakes to:

  • not to distribute, publish, modify, sell or license the information provided on the site;
  • not to engage in speculative or fraudulent booking practices for profit;
  • do not use automated programs to gather information for the purpose of accessing or copying site data;
  • do not use programs that may harm the work of the site;
  • not access the site by automated means or manual processes for any purpose without the company's written agreement;
  • not violate the restrictions in any HTTP headers to block robots on this Website;
  • do not take actions that cause a heavy load on the site infrastructure;
  • not to link directly to parts of the Website or transfer any parts of this Website to other websites without the express written consent of the company.

The User undertakes to use this Website only for its intended purpose - to familiarize himself with the terms and conditions of the rental and to make a reservation.

Reservations can be made either for themselves or for other persons, provided that the User is legally authorized to do so.

General Provisions

The site allows the User to familiarize with car rental offers. But in some cases "AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD." does not provide car rental services, but only allows the User to conclude a contract with the owner of the selected car directly.

The Agreement shall be deemed to have been concluded from the moment the User confirms his/her acceptance of its terms and conditions. Thereafter, it will be used to regulate the official relationship between the booking system and the user of the website.

The user must have the legal capacity and capacity to enter into this agreement.

The user assumes responsibility for the correctness of the personal data entered when using the reservation system.

The User must use the booking system strictly in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, otherwise the User's access to the booking system will be terminated.

The partners of the booking system may impose their own conditions and requirements to the rental conditions. For each rental station, these conditions are specified in the rules and are binding on the User.

AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO., LTD. is not responsible for incomplete or missing information provided by its partners. The partners of "AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO., LTD." are separate legal entities and bear full responsibility for their illegal actions, which include misinforming the User about the services provided.

In case the User violates the requirements and conditions imposed by the partners of the site, the User may be subject to penalties, including the cancellation of the reservation without refunding the deposited funds.

Obligations and responsibilities of the parties

When registering on the website, the User is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided. The obtained data is protected by the privacy policy and will not be used for actions contrary to the current legislation. The information posted on the website regarding partners is constantly updated and references to it in case of claims cannot be accepted. Changes made by partners and owners of "AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD." are effective from the moment of their publication and all claims related to outdated information will not be considered.

All partners of are independent legal entities. AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. is not responsible for any of their actions, including the information that partners provide for publication on the site, and for harming the User by any means.

AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. and its owners are not responsible for the quality and security of the communication channels used by the User of, as well as for any damage caused by the use of unprotected communication channels.

AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. reserves the right to ban any User from accessing and its services without giving any reason. The ban may be imposed at our discretion at any stage of the booking process and for any reason.

The price indicated on the website at the time of booking is the priority, but our company reserves the right to change the price if it has been incorrectly indicated. If the price is changed, the User will be offered the choice of either paying for the service in accordance with the assigned price or canceling the booking with a full refund.

If you have a complaint, you can notify the company within 30 days of returning the vehicle by sending an e-mail to us. Complaints left after this deadline will not be allowed to be considered. If your complaint is related to the service provider, we will inform you of your next steps.

Supplier Rules and Restrictions

When making a reservation or travel related goods and services, it is the User's responsibility to familiarize themselves with the additional terms and conditions. The supplier chosen by you to conclude the transaction assigns its own rules, tariffs, restrictions and contractual terms and conditions. By entering into a contract with a supplier, the User agrees to the rules and restrictions regarding the availability and use of fares, products and services.


Tariffs are a set of services specified on the website during the booking process and in the booking confirmation form. Any additional services are charged on top of the tariff.

Procedures for amending this agreement

Before the User activates the "payment" section, AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. has the right to modify the terms of this agreement, the terms of use of the website and the terms of use of the reservation system at any time. New conditions are considered valid from the moment of their publication on the website.

Links to other sites

The website contains links to third party websites. Their placement does not constitute a recommendation to visit them and AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. is not responsible for their content and for the consequences of their visit by the User.

Payment and cancellation procedure

If the user cancels a previous booking, the penalties stipulated in the rental agreement will come into effect. Their amount depends on the conditions imposed by the service providers and may range from 7% to 100% of the payment made for the reservation. The amount of penalties also depends on the method of payment. Please note that when paying by bank card, refunds are made to the card from which the payment was made.

Payment on the site by credit card:

Cancellation 48 hours or more before the rental start date - 15% of the paid amount will be deducted;

Cancellation less than 48 hours before the rental start date - 100% of the paid amount will be deducted.

Payment of rent on site - no service charge is deducted.

Payment by bank transfer - 150 THB bank transfer fee.

If the car is returned earlier than the period specified in the contract, the paid rental price will not be recalculated. AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. does not compensate the user for the difference between the paid and actual period of car use.

AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. shall not be liable to the User for any expenses incurred during the use of the car, but not related to the company and not specified in the rental contract.

Please also note that the return of funds to the card is carried out only on the bank's working days and only within the payment day from 9.00 to 17.00. The funds are transferred to the card within 10 working days from the moment of application.

Grounds for exemption from liability

The information provided on the website may contain errors and inaccuracies. This applies to prices, products and services, software and partner websites. AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. is not responsible for incorrect vehicle information on partner websites, most of which is provided by suppliers.

AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO., LTD. reserves the right to correct prices incorrectly indicated on the website. This right also applies to pending bookings made at incorrect prices. In such a case, the User will be offered the choice of either paying for the service in accordance with the assigned price or canceling the reservation with a full refund.

The rental prices listed on the website are for informational purposes only. AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. and its service providers do not warrant the availability of certain services and products and, at their discretion, may make changes to the information provided on the site at any time.

AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. and its service providers are not responsible for the suitability for any purpose of the products, services, software and information contained on All product and service offerings on do not constitute a recommendation or advertisement by AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. and are provided without warranty of any kind.

AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. and its service providers do not warrant that emails sent by the company, and its servers are free of viruses or other harmful programs. AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. and service providers disclaim conditions and warranties with respect to this information, products, services, software, including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, rights and non-infringement of patents.

Partner companies are independent legal entities. As such, AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. shall not be liable for any actions of any such vendor. Such actions include errors, warranties, misinformation, misinformation, negligence, breaches, and their consequences - damage to health and property, unforeseen costs, personal injury, death and other damages.

AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. is not responsible for, and will not reimburse for, situations not under its direct control. Such situations include cancelations, delays, force majeure, misunderstandings, itinerary changes, extra costs, government and authority actions.

AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. and its service providers shall not be liable for any loss, damage or any other problems that may arise from your access to, display or use of or from delays in or inability to access this site, reliance on opinions appearing on the site, computer viruses, information from other sites linked to, tort, contract, negligence and strict liability.

If AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. is found liable for any damages resulting from the above reasons, the amount of its liability in the aggregate cannot exceed the value of the service paid by the User on AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. shall not be charged any type of punitive damages including liquidated damages and lost profits.

The restrictions set forth herein protect the interests of AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD. and will apply even if any of the items listed in these terms and conditions are found to be inappropriate for their primary purpose.


If the User violates this agreement or the documents referenced in it; if the User violates any laws or rights of AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD.; if the User uses, the User will be required to indemnify AUTOPILOT RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD., service providers, directors, employees, officers, agents for claims, recoveries, demands and any other type of costs, including accounting and legal fees.

Sections of the agreement

The arrangement of the sections and headings of this User Agreement is for the convenience of the User, cannot be used for the purposes of interpretation of the User Agreement and does not affect the terms and conditions of the User Agreement in any way.